Chronic Disease Management:
Diabetes, heart conditions, asthma, arthritis etc.  We will gladly provide GP Management plans if you have a qualifying chronic disease, which enables rebate for Allied health services.  Please inquire about these plans.

Treatment of acute condition:
Injuries, acute infections, viruses.

Wound Management:
acute and chronic wound management.

Preventative Medicine:
Many conditions can be present for years without causing any symptoms but if not detected can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, eye disease etc. These conditions can be detected by a medical check-up and then treated to prevent further problems.

Paediatrics care and Adolescence Health:
Developmental check up, childhood immunisation, adolescence counselling.

Dr Zheng practices traditional and laser acupuncture. Acupuncture is useful in the treatment of headaches, muscular and arthritic pains, anxiety etc.  For details, please discuss with Dr Zheng. The fee is $60.

Travel and General Vaccinations:
If you are travelling overseas, it is necessary to discuss with your doctor for recommendation of travel vaccinations.  The Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccination is available annually and is recommended for all patients over 65 and patients who have chronic illness.  Note travel immunisations will require extra cost, please consult the staff regarding this.

Minor Operations/Fractures:
Removal of skin cancers, cysts, moles, warts and other skin lesions are performed at Stephensons Medical Centre. Other procedures such as the repair of lacerations, injection of joints, fractures, wedge resection of ingrown toe nails, drainage of abscess are also undertaken.  Dressing fee of $40 will be charged for any procedures to cover the cost of dressing and instruments. Liquid Nitrogen is also available for wart and solar keratosis etc. Please note a higher procedure/Dressing fee may apply depending on complexity of the procedures.

Women’s Health:
PAP Smear, Breast Examination, Family Planning, Contraception and pre-pregnancy consultation are routinely provided. 

Men’s Health:
Routine check up for Men including prostate check and sexual health.